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IB World Schools in Minnesota

250 Minnesota IB educators spent a day with author and educational inquiry expert, Alan November on August 20th.

270 Minnesota IB educators spend a day with Alan November

The Service Learning in the MYP workshop is open for registration!
Please register soon - Registration will close on September 11th.

This workshop will provide fun, hands-on professional development for teachers and administrators in school and district settings. We will explore the meaning and value of a service-learning classroom, service experiences as arising from the curriculum, service in a multi-cultural setting, integration with state standards, service learning assessment, models of service, and strategies for sustaining programs. Participants will work with others to develop service learning curricula and experiences based in their own classrooms and schools. They will see examples of student service products and be actively engaged as they learn about the benefits and components of successful service learning programs, common challenges and pitfalls, ways to motivate students to become involved, and how to promote authentic reflection practices.

Diploma Programme 
coordinators and teachers:
We are currently taking nominations for facilitators at upcoming DP roundtables. Please contact DP vice president, Jessica Baker or MNIB director, Jon Peterson to submit names of potential facilitators. Volunteers are given free enrollment in the session and a small stipend for their preparation time.

The Fall IB Orientation Seminar  is now available for registration. It will be held Friday, October 23rd at the MN Department of Education. If you are an authorized school with new staff who need an IB primer or if you are considering joining the IB world of global education please sign-up. 
It's the best way to find out about the most complete pre-K-12 education with a mission to create a better and more peaceful world!