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The IB/AP STEM related grant has now re-opened for applications

You may now apply for a grant of up to $150K which helps you begin a new (or expand an existing) IB Program in your school. Legislation was passed last session encouraging schools to increase student enrollment in IB/AP programs that have a connection to STEM. For example, schools may add CP to an existing DP or as a stand-alone program. Or, schools may choose to add an entirely new IB Program to a non-IB school. 


The grant is titled, 



Find more information and the necessary forms here:


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Yes, we continue to offer roundtables throughout the year!

On January 10th Library/Media specialists gathered at the headquarters of Flipgrid (an educational social media platform) in the warehouse district in Minneapolis to share best practices and learn new ways to connect their students to the world. 

Our recent Association meeting featured a panel of local educational leaders discussing how to maintain strong 
IB Programmes

Panel: Programmatic advocacy within leadership


          The panelists:

Jenny Arneson (MPS School Board and IB parent)

Erik Brandt (Harding HS DP coordinator)

Tara Dobbelaere (SPPS District IB coord)

Phil Evans (IBO Programme development staff)

Peggy Flathmann (Fridley Superintendent)

Kelly McQuillan (MPS District IB coord)

Becky Melville (Hopkins North JH Principal)

Melissa Storbakken (Global Academy IB coord/leader)

MNIB was part of the Fall MREA Conference in Brainerd November 12-14
MNIB Board members were part of the Gallery Walk at the MREA Fall Conference

For the first time, MNIB staffers took part in the MN Rural Educators Association (MREA) Fall Conference. In an attempt to make connections with educators in greater Minnesota, two of our Board members traveled to Cragun's Resort and found a receptive audience for our IB message. Over 400 rural superintendents, board members and school leaders gathered to hear about issues facing their schools. A big focus was on Career and Technical Education (CTE) and alternatives to the most expensive 4-year college options. We were able to share the benefits of the IBCP and the fact that IB is a preK-12 program. We look forward to following up with the many great people we met at the conference!

Our 2nd annual MNIB Summer Conference was August 15-16, 2017
Thanks to the over 450 who attended!
Link to resources provided by presenters: 
2017 Conference resources

Tou Ger Bennett Xiong opened the 2017 Conference with stories of challenge and 
resilience as he described his family's personal journey from Laos to America. 

Ron Ritchhart began day 2 with an engaging talk which included 
audience participation and strategies for immediate use the first week of school.

Ron Ritchhart of Harvard's Project Zero and storyteller Tou Ger Xiong were our keynote speakers for the annual MNIB Summer Conference. 

The conference featured timely and engaging workshops, speakers and opportunities for collaboration just before beginning the new school year.

Check out #MNIBSummer2017 for photos and tweets from this year's very successful conference!




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MNIB educators: Apply now to earn a scholarship to the IB Global Conference in San Diego

We are now accepting applications for two individuals (or groups) to present at the 2018 Global Conference. Each award will pay for one registration and another $1000 towards expenses such as flight, meals, and hotel. You may download forms here and submissions are due by February 1st, 2018. 

MNIB students: Apply now to receive a scholarship to attend one of three World Student Conferences happening in 2018

We are now accepting applications for two individuals to attend a World Student Conference (WSC) at either Hong Kong, Rotterdam (Netherlands), or Washington D.C. 
The MNIB scholarships are each $1500 with up to $500 of additional support to offset travel expenses, depending on the location chosen.

Applications are linked here and are due March 1, 2018. 

There are also links to IB need-based scholarships and specific scholarships for CP students and schools who sent students last year, as well as schools who have never sent students to the WSC here.
(scroll to scholarships under each WSC location link)

Renew your MNIB membership 
for 2017-18 now

You may renew your MNIB membership for the coming school year (2017-18) by clicking here

We have individual and District office memberships ($275) as well as lower cost memberships for retired educators who want to stay in touch.
We will begin our new year in a new home - The Wilder Foundation at Lexington and University in St. Paul with our first Association meeting on September 26th.

Please read and share this article with College counselors and Higher Ed contacts

The Association of American Colleges & Universities has published a comprehensive summary of the credit disparity which faces IB students choosing between AP and IB coursework. The author, Neil H. Donahue is a professor at Hofstra University. He argues that colleges must revisit their IB policies in light of the quality of the curriculum and the measurable success of IB graduates. He believes the lack of University credit given to IB students can be traced to the inertia of the status quo and the fact that few faculties have really looked at the superior IB curriculum and more rigorous requirements of the program. 
This article is so complete that we recommend it as a primer for anyone wanting to learn more about the IB Diploma Programme including parents, students, and staff in IB Diploma and CP schools. 

Featured videos from Minnesota IB schools

demonstrate the powerful role of the IB in transforming school practices and the educational futures of IB students. New video from Robbinsdale Middle School showing the powerful link between IBMYP and AVID. The Hopkins Schools video shows how the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) has created a rigorous framework for delivering curriculum in their two middle schools. The Champlin Park video features former IB Diploma Programme (DP) students speaking about how IB influenced their college experiences and their overall educational outlook.