2016-17 MNIB Legislative agenda (suggested IB school/District legislative platform language)

Advanced Placement (AP) & International Baccalaureate (IB) funding

Access to advanced programming plays a significant role in preparing students for post-high school success. In particular, AP and IB programs offer proven means to provide college and career readiness through rigorous coursework and examinations. MN Statute 120B.13, which supports schools implementing these programs, has remained unchanged since 2006 even as IB participation has grown from 11 schools to over 60. This growth has been primarily in elementary and middle schools which have teacher training requirements for their entire staffs. The current allocation falls far short of the cost to conduct this training. We support an increase in the allocation for this legislation to continue supporting teacher training and examinations commensurate with the growth in these programs. 

For the IB portion of the legislation we support an increase from $1.125M to $1.8M.

For more information to support this request please contact your local IB school coordinator (see "who we are" above) or Jon Peterson at

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