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Legislative agenda

The AP/IB STEM Grant has been re-opened for 2020-21: As of October 2019, this grant is reopening due to remaining unfunded grant allocation.




Find more information and the necessary forms here (updated fall 2019): IB/AP STEM Grant

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2016-17 MNIB Legislative activity

May 31: Our grant bill is included in the final Education Omnibus bill and was signed by the Governor - It will become law! Our grant bill has been included in the final E12 Omnibus bill signed by the Governor.  Text of HF 2 bill 
(our portion begins on line 25.20)  The good news, and most significant, is the change to a 2%/2% increase in base education funding for the next biennium. This will help all schools in Minnesota retain programs and serve all Minnesota students. 
Unfortunately, our bill's funding was reduced to $250K/year from the $750K we were seeking. Ours was just one of a number of less significant bills reduced to accommodate the compromises necessary for an agreement. We are happy to have a starting point to begin adding to the number of IB programs in the State.

May 12: The Education Omnibus bill (HF 890) has been vetoed by the Governor.
This was not unexpected due to policy provisions objected to by the Governor and funding which fell short of his requests. Once legislators and the Governor get together during the 10 ten days left in the session, we are hopeful that a final bill will be agreed upon and we will see our portion of the finance bill become law. The Governor's veto letter may be read here.

May 2: Our grant bill has been included in the final E12 Omnibus bill going to the Governor.
This was a key hurdle and we are cautiously optimistic that the grant program will become law. Stay tuned as we track the progress of final negotiations between legislators and the Governor in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we will begin planning for the July 1st implementation of this legislation and look for ways to support schools all over Minnesota who are considering adding IB programs. The IB portion of the grant program is $187K per year.

April 17: Our grant bill (HF 1289/SF 1056) has been included in the Senate Education Omnibus bill - but not the House bill.
We are encouraged that we have a marker in the Senate bill and we are hopeful that we will be included in the final Education bill once negotiations are complete. Please stay tuned for more information as the process winds through several more turns. We may ask MNIB members to ask local legislators for support when the time comes before the session ends on May 22nd.

We are monitoring the E-12 conference committee working on the Education Omnibus bill (HF 890). Here is a copy of the letter we have delivered to all members of this committee. April 25th letter

Testimony (Video) Our testimony begins at 17:45 of this video. 

The Senate version (SF 1056) of the grant bill had its first reading and hearing in front of the Senate E-12 Finance Committee on Wednesday, March 8th in the Senate Office Building. 

Letter of support for HF 1289/SF 1056 from the MN High Tech Association linked here.

Testimony (mp3) We testified before the House Education Finance Committee 2/28/17.

Begins about 43:00 and goes to about 59:00. The IB portion begins about 52:30.

Testimony (mp3) from Education Innovation Policy Committee hearing 2/23/17. 

Begins about 27:00 and goes to about 42:00. The IB portion begins about 35:00.

Advanced Placement (AP) & International Baccalaureate (IB) grant funding (HF 1289/SF 1056)

To support the establishment of IB Programs in non-IB schools and to add programs to existing IB schools, we are asking for the allocation of $750K/year to the existing statute 120B.132. Of this allocation, IB would be allowed up to 25% of the $750K ($187.5K). The purpose of this grant program would be to provide 3 years of start-up funding for schools adding IB programs intended to increase access to targeted groups of students. In the present draft of the bill, we are also targeting increased STEM engagement in these schools.

Advanced Placement (AP) & International Baccalaureate (IB) funding (HF 1452/SF 1185)


This bill (HF 1452/SF1185) has been submitted with a $1M increase to $5.5M from $4.5M.

Access to advanced programming plays a significant role in preparing students for post-high school success. In particular, AP and IB programs offer proven means to provide college and career readiness through rigorous coursework and examinations. MN Statute 120B.13, which supports schools implementing these programs, has remained unchanged since 2006 even as IB participation has grown from 11 schools to over 60. This growth has been primarily in elementary and middle schools which have teacher training requirements for their entire staffs. The current allocation falls far short of the cost to conduct this training. We support an increase in the allocation for this legislation to continue supporting teacher training and examinations commensurate with the growth in these programs. 

For the IB portion of the legislation we support an increase from $1.125M to $1.8M.

For more information to support this request please contact your local IB school coordinator (see "who we are" above) or Jon Peterson at