MNIB event registration

Recent changes to MYP schedule of events!

Based on feedback from coordinators and teachers, we have rescheduled 6 of the MYP roundtables to begin later in October. This should give more teachers a chance to attend once things have settled in a little.

Language & Literature, Language Acquistion, Individuals & Societies, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Design will all begin on October 29th. Registration for these roundtables will remain open until the 28th in an effort to get more of you into the discussions.

for 2020-21

Use the links below to register for Fall semester roundtables.

All events have moved online due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Details found in the events links below.

Currently, we have 35 MYP/DP/CP roundtables available with the first sessions for most events beginning this week. Register now since space is limited!

Roundtables are $70 per registrant for MNIB member schools

For the first time, non-MNIB members (from other states/countries) may register for MNIB Roundtables for $100

Click to see MNIB events for the IB continuum - events with applications to multiple programmes.

No IB continuum events available at this time but watch this space for future offerings.