Introducing the DP

(Diploma Programme)

A great way to start learning about the DP is to hear from a veteran DP teacher and coordinator.

In this episode of our MNIB Podcast "IB Matters" we hear from Max Athorn a former MNIB Vice President talk about his experience with the Programme.

In your reflection journal, record your impressions. What does Max value about the DP?

What would you like to learn more about?

Core slides for DP intro

The DP core

The core of the IB Diploma includes 3 components: The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, The Extended Essay (EE), and the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) requirement.

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Requirements slide for DP intro

The Diploma

The requirements of the IB Diploma include completing courses in the six groups, completing the core requirments with minimum exam results and within additional parameters.

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Subject slide for DP intro

The DP courses

IB Diploma Courses can be taken as High level (HL) or Standard level (SL). Diploma candidates must take courses in all groups while "Course" students may take courses in any subject and are not required to take a minimum number of Diploma classes.

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In your reflection journal: Check your school website or ask your DP Coordinator which courses your school offers. Which are offered as HL or SL? Which course(s) might you be interested in and/or qualified to teach?

As a check for understanding, see if you can construct a complete two-year course of study for a rising junior (in your school) that would qualify them to earn an IB Diploma. Share this with your DP coordinator.

Check the IB website to see what training is required and available for those teaching DP courses.

The Subject Briefs

IB provides short, two-page summaries of many of their most popular subjects including an overview of the topics, a teaching hours distribution and a sample assessment question or two.

While not intended to provide a complete picture of the course, they do give some insight to the teaching philosophy and structure of both SL and HL versions of the course.

Complete subject guides for actual teaching of every course are available to authorized and candidate IB schools. There are also many other resources available to IB Diploma course teachers; both online and in training sessions.

You can link to the available subject briefs on this page.

Scroll down to "DP subject briefs".

Choose one subject you are interested in, download and read its Subject Brief, and then write down three observations about the nature and structure of the course in your reflection journal.

Be sure to share your completed reflection document with your DP Coordinator. They can support you by answering questions, providing more resources or directing you to training opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to engage in this self-guided quick tour of the DP. Like everything in IB, context is key. You now have the context to learn more and to better understand what you need to know.

Please bookmark this website as we post updates about training and links to other resources you may find helpful.

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