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Wishing you all a great summer break from the first ever PYP Early Years graduating class at Fridley Preschool.

It's a party, and as the shirt says, "We all need to look out for each other!"

Spring MNIB Association meeting

Was held May 25th via Zoom

We are in need of MNIB Secretary candidates for a newly opened position on the MNIB Board

Due to a job change, the position of MNIB Secretary is now open to take candidates.

We would especially encourage candidates from either the PYP or MYP ranks to help balance representation on the Board. Please apply by June 15th.

Please contact Jon Peterson director@mnibschools.org if you are interested in this rewarding position. The MNIB Secretary attends MNIB meetings, takes minutes, and contributes to the future direction of the Association. They also work with the director on official MNIB communications.

New Board positions for the 2021-23 terms

VP positions (CP, DP, MYP, PYP)

  • CP - Christopher Baker-Raivo (Champlin Park)

  • DP - Ashley Brown (Champlin Park)

  • MYP - Kate Andrews van Horne (Olson Middle School)

  • PYP - Anne LaLonde Laux - Peter Hobart Elementary (continuing)


  • Sarah Wernimont - Anwatin Middle School

Sarah will become MNIB President for the 2022 - 2024 term and serve on the Board this year as President-elect

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Thank you in advance!

The TIES 2021 Conference was May 15-16.

Hosted by Toddle

Over 20,000 educators from around the world attended this virtual conference for keynotes, workshops and self-care events.

All session recordings are on the event agenda page now for those who have registered.

For those who want to access the videos, they can simply register and access them.

A note that Day 3 of TIES (in Espanol) is on May 22nd. Those recordings will be processed by May 24th and made available on the website.

Listen to an IB Matters Podcast to learn more:

The podcast notes will soon be updated to include links to the recorded sessions from this year's event.

Congratulations to the two most recent MNIB schools

to be authorized as IB World Schools

Fridley Preschool

Now an authorized Primary Years Programme

(the only authorized IB preschool in Minnesota)

Rockford High School

Now authorized as both a Diploma and Career-related Programme school

The IB is excited to announce that the IB Virtual Conference will be coming to the Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East from 18-22 October 2021. Gear up for a full week of learning, as we continue Unlocking the next paradigm in education together. We will be announcing more details about this conference in the coming weeks.

New resource: IB 101

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel our popular Summer Conference this year. Some of the most highly attended sessions were those introducing the IB Programmes to new teachers and other staff members just hired into IB schools.

With that in mind we developed brief introductions in the form of self-guided tours of the basic elements of the IB and all four Programmes.

If you are a coordinator looking for a resource where your new teachers can learn the basics, send them to "Intro to the IB Programmes". They will be exposed to the common elements of all IB Programmes and then be directed to the specific Programme(s) in your school.

They are encouraged to complete a Reflection Journal along the way and to reach out to the coordinator for more resources.

IB is making it easier to schedule online workshops that are specific to your school's needs

From the IBO.org website:

"Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in an online workshop for a high-quality learning experience and the same teaching concepts that you would explore in a face-to-face workshop. Participation in our cost-effective online workshops will also contribute to your school’s authorization or evaluation process to become an IB World School."

There are more than 400 online workshops to choose from and these are offered throughout the year. If you are not available when your choice of online workshop is scheduled, you can complete the request form linked on the website above. Schools have the option to request workshops to be delivered as part of a global cohort or exclusively to their own school. Online workshops delivered exclusively to one school have more real time interaction and therefore, resemble a virtual in-school experience. If you would like to know more about online professional development (PD) and how it works, please visit our page.

Please listen to this podcast featuring four outstanding MNIB voices of compassion and support as they share their feelings after the killing of George Floyd in our community here in Minnesota.

Anne Lalonde Laux, Chad Owen, Jenny Magdal, and Angela Wilcox speak of how they hope to help students and teachers make lasting changes in schools after the terrible events of the past weeks.

We recorded several podcasts related to online learning in response to the COVID-19 outbreak

Please contact us at IBMatters@mnibschools.org if you have something about online teaching to contribute on the podcast.

Click the icon to access these episodes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 1pm Central Time: http://oxford.ly/MYPSLT1

Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 2pm Central Time: http://oxford.ly/MYPSLT2

Register and you will receive the recording.

Share with your teachers too, it should be good!

MYP webinar with Lou Marchesano

Free MYP webinar with Lou Marchesano (perhaps you been in one of his sessions at a conference) on boosting teacher innovation and student engagement!

Please register and you will be sent the recording.