Minnesota Association of IB World Schools (MNIB)

In the current time of COVID-19 related restrictions, we are offering exclusively online roundtables. These were held in the first semester and have concluded. We certainly hope we can provide additional opportunities for collaboration and teacher development in the coming months. In the meantime, if you would like to help sustain the activities of the MN Association of IB World Schools (MNIB) we encourage you to donate to our organization using the link above.

Thank you in advance!

Congratulations to the two most recent MNIB schools

to be authorized as IB World Schools

Fridley Preschool

Now an authorized Primary Years Programme

(the only authorized IB preschool in Minnesota)

Rockford High School

Now authorized as both a Diploma and Career-related Programme school

The 2020-21 MDE Application for Reimbursement form is now available. It is due April 30th.

MNIB Vice President positions up for election this year

Every two years members choose MNIB Board Vice Presidents for a two-year term serving each of the IB Programmes represented in Minnesota.

For the first time, the Board has changed the bylaws to include the fourth IB Programme - the CP (Career-related Programme) as an additional VP position. We are seeking candidates for these positions from our membership. In some cases, current VP's are standing for re-election while others are stepping down.

Please contact Jon Peterson at director@mnibschools.org if you are interested in running for one of these positions. We will hold the election in late May following the Association meeting on May 25th. The new terms begin on July 1st, 2021.

Watch this space for candidate statements as we receive them.

MNIB President-elect position now open

Every two years, the position of MNIB President-elect opens for a one year term on the Board. At the end of the term, the President-elect becomes the next MNIB President for a two year term. The one year term serves to orient the next President to the Board's operations and the priorities of the Association. The position of President-elect is as a non-voting member.

So, our next President-elect will begin serving July 1st, 2021 and then become MNIB Board President July 1, 2022 and serve through June 30, 2024.

Please contact Jon Peterson director@mnibschools.org if you are interested in running. We will hold the election in late May following the Association meeting on May 25th.

Watch this space for candidate statements as we receive them.

February 4 - Latest update from IB regarding exams in the DP/CP

The IB confirms plans for a dual-route for our schools offering May exams.

Click here for the announcement from IB.

New resource: IB 101

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel our popular Summer Conference this year. Some of the most highly attended sessions were those introducing the IB Programmes to new teachers and other staff members just hired into IB schools.

With that in mind we developed brief introductions in the form of self-guided tours of the basic elements of the IB and all four Programmes.

If you are a coordinator looking for a resource where your new teachers can learn the basics, send them to "Intro to the IB Programmes". They will be exposed to the common elements of all IB Programmes and then be directed to the specific Programme(s) in your school.

They are encouraged to complete a Reflection Journal along the way and to reach out to the coordinator for more resources.

2021-22 MNIB membership renewal - Coming soon

We promise to keep providing outstanding IB training and information for you and your staff. Our plans are to return to in-person roundtables and workshops in the Fall of 2021.

Renew your MNIB membership here soon

IB is making it easier to schedule online workshops that are specific to your school's needs

From the IBO.org website:

"Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in an online workshop for a high-quality learning experience and the same teaching concepts that you would explore in a face-to-face workshop. Participation in our cost-effective online workshops will also contribute to your school’s authorization or evaluation process to become an IB World School."

There are more than 400 online workshops to choose from and these are offered throughout the year. If you are not available when your choice of online workshop is scheduled, you can complete the request form linked on the website above. Schools have the option to request workshops to be delivered as part of a global cohort or exclusively to their own school. Online workshops delivered exclusively to one school have more real time interaction and therefore, resemble a virtual in-school experience. If you would like to know more about online professional development (PD) and how it works, please visit our page.

Please listen to this podcast featuring four outstanding MNIB voices of compassion and support as they share their feelings after the killing of George Floyd in our community here in Minnesota.

Anne Lalonde Laux, Chad Owen, Jenny Magdal, and Angela Wilcox speak of how they hope to help students and teachers make lasting changes in schools after the terrible events of the past weeks.

Our May meeting was held on the 27th via Zoom

Thanks to the 54 coordinators who attended

The minutes are now available online here:

Main points of discussion

  • Discussion of virtual Summer Conference options

  • Updates related to COVID cancellations

  • Preferences for 2020-21 school year training and meetings

  • 2020-21 membership open

The MNIB Summer Conference has been cancelled due to uncertainty related to the Corona virus outbreak. But, stay tuned as we find some alternative opportunities to gather online and share our experience and expertise as the new year begins.

Minnesota's private colleges wish to reassure students concerned about their affected transcripts and testing results in this time of COVID-related adjustments.

Please read this newsletter the MN Private Colleges Council has distributed to counselors across the state and the region.

They represent the 17 Private Colleges in Minnesota and their message is one of support for young people who are considering their college futures.

Please view the latest response from IB regarding questions about exams, uploading student work and continued learning in the MYP & PYP.

The powerpoint is linked in the adjoining slide. Other information can be found on the FAQ page at IBO.org

Check out Ryan Higbea's blog about lesson planning in distance learning.

The latest installment...

We recorded several podcasts related to online learning in response to the COVID-19 outbreak

Please contact us at IBMatters@mnibschools.org if you have something about online teaching to contribute on the podcast.

Click the icon to access these episodes.

Toddle held another Toddle Talk April 11

PYP teachers looking for online teaching support - Check out the Toddle Talk held March 28th.

Link to recorded Webinar: You'll find the blog/graphics from the webinar and the recording of the whole session.

Another opportunity for PYP teachers looking for online teaching support - Check out the #PYPChat held April 1st.

Go to #PYPChat on Twitter to see the conversation

Highlights from the March 5th

MNIB Association meeting

Highland Park Middle School Artist collaboration

We had a great morning - highlighted by Highland Park MS staff and students showing off the results of their collaboration with artist, Leon Wang.

Thanks to Linda Jones, Adayle Andrews, Leon Wang and the students of Highland Park Middle School

MNIB President, Kurt Carlson

led the MNIB Coordinators through a tour of the new IB Programme Standards and Practices (PSP). We looked at each element: Purpose, Environment, Culture, and Learning to see how the changes impacted our Programmes. We agreed that the changes hold some exciting potential for our schools as we move forward.

We are now seeking proposals to present at the 2020 Summer Conference August 18 & 19.

Please submit them by March 31st so that we can organize the registration site as soon as possible

Our Winter MNIB Association meeting was December 5th

After a work session looking at updates to our Summer Conference and a wonderful presentation by MNIB Secretary, Jenny Magdal, we all wrote thank you notes to those who have positively impacted our IB Programmes and helped us sustain the IB in Minnesota in various ways. We dropped about 50 notes into the mail and others were mailed by coordinators themselves. #Begrateful

PYP 101

Thanks to workshop leader, Ryan Higbea, and the thirty new PYP teachers who took part in this new way for MNIB to deliver professional development. We began with an online meeting, followed with three weeks of self-paced learning of five modules, and then met December 12th as a large group.

Our first blended PYP 101 introduction workshop wrapped up with a face to face meeting and meal at the beautiful Bigelow Hall at Global Academy, a proud PYP member of MNIB.

Application to the 2020 IB Global Conference in Toronto

Thank you for your submissions

Applications were due January 29, 2020

MNIB is partnering with Kognity

MNIB is joining a growing group of associations partnering with Kognity to bring lower prices and greater access to intelligent textbooks. MNIB teachers will be receiving information in the coming days to explain the partnership and to learn how they can access the discounts available.

Check out our IB Matters podcast with Kognity's Karin Bjerde explaining the Kognity platform (link in the podcast page)

This partnership will benefit both schools that are new to Kognity and those already using their excellent resources for DP groups 3,4 and 5 as well as TOK.


Administrator Award

Thank you for your submissions

We will be announcing the award winners at our March 5th meeting

Our first MNIB Association meeting of the year helped us make some new connections

The new meeting location at SPPS District offices was a great space to work together and make the collaborative connections which make the MNIB a successful IB-supporting organization.

The highlight was Angela Wilcox' wonderful presentation on Restorative Justice in an IB Context.

MNIB coordinators in Circle during Angela's presentation. It was a (much) shorter version of a presentation she did at the MNIB Summer Conference and at the IB Global Conference in New Orleans.

Here are the minutes.

The Summer Conference at Bethel University has been cancelled.

But watch this website for more information regarding alternatives to the usual face to face gatherings.