Minnesota Association of IB World Schools (MNIB)

The final draft of our MNIB mission statement: 

"We are courageous leaders supporting those in the IB community who are implementing IB programs, building connections, removing barriers, and creating systems that increase access for all.

By doing this, young people, families, and teachers in the IB community will have a voice, engage in meaningful learning, cultivate their geniuses, and celebrate their successes."

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It's the time of year for job postings!

Please pass along any openings you have so we can share them on our jobs board

Two new ones just posted for Annunciation Catholic School - check them out!

Contact Jon Peterson at director@mnibschools.org to post your listing.

Our spring meeting was May 24th

We heard from amazing students as they talked about their projects, CAS and service work. We also reacted to our latest mission draft and celebrated our own successes as we completed another year of supporting our students - and each other.

Exam reimbursement due June 30, 2023

Training reimbursement form due       July 15, 2023

Presenter: Erik Brandt is a very experienced IB workshop leader and educator currently teaching at Harding High School in St. Paul, MN

MNIB hosted 2-day Workshops are $295 per participant  

Check out our new Approaches To Learning (ATL) workshop specifically for high school (and middle school) teachers

Description: This workshop will explore the approaches to teaching and learning (ATL's) that are at the heart of an IB education. It will focus on developing an enhanced understanding of the educational philosophy underpinning IB programmes, as well as exploring practical strategies that can help prepare students to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world. You will have the opportunity to draw on your own experiences and the experiences of other IB educators, as well as insights from experts in the field. You will develop a deliberate and dynamic approach to approaches to teaching and learning in the Diploma and Career-related Programmes as well as the 9th and 10th grade MYP.

Dates: May 31 - June 1, 2023 from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM each day with lunch provided


This workshop will be held at: 

The Baker Center 

209 W Page Street 

St. Paul, MN 55107

PYP Early Years roundtable tour

PYP Music teachers' roundtable

We hosted two 

PYP Mini-roundtables 

in April

The first session was for PYP music educators April 12


The second was for Early childhood educators looking to see the Early years PYP in action at the Fridley Community Center April 19th.

Michael Clifton in a Q & A with MNIB members

MYP Coordinators in their afternoon programme meeting

Our March Association meeting was Thursday, March 2nd

We heard from Beth Barsness from MDE and from Michael Clifton of the IB Americas office. We'll also looked at an early draft of our MNIB mission document.

Our last MNIB 2022-23 Association meeting will be May 24

We meet at the Baker Center, 209 W Page Street St. Paul, MN 55107

Be sure to check out the latest IB Associations Newsletter for great examples of integrating IB in regions around the world. Open the newsletter here.

PYP Exhibition Workshop 

Our PYP Exhibition Workshop included 40 teachers, coordinators and media specialists attending two days at Peter Hobart Elementary in St. Louis Park.  

The workshop was led by Kirstin Wickman on the afternoons of January 12th and Jan 26th.  

Are you wondering what makes International Baccalaureate education unique?

Check out this video to hear from students and teachers in all four programmes about their experiences in the IB.

Check out this School Leaders Bootcamp from our friends at Toddle

Toddle has been working on a very special event designed specifically for school leaders called the School Leaders Bootcamp

It's happening virtually on March 3rd and 4th and we've got some amazing speakers lined up: Seth Godin, George Couros, Stephen Covey, Holly Ransom, and Diane Tavenner.

We've got a ton of great stuff planned - interactive keynotes, networking, masterclasses, and case studies by experienced educators and leadership experts. And best of all…it's completely free! 

Over 5,000 school leaders from 100+ countries have already registered, and we would love for the school leaders from MNIB to join us as well. We can assure you that the learning and takeaways will be unparalleled. 

Interested folks can register using this link

Hope to see you at this amazing and free event!

Our winter Association meeting was December 6th

We featured Dr. Dave Webb who helped us look at better decision making.We also looked at how to help our IB school leadership make the most of our existing IB programmes. Thanks to MNIB Secretary, Jennifer Poncelet, for the thorough set of minutes linked below.

Our 2022 MNIB Leadership Award goes to...

John Leininger 

Principal of Matoska International School

From his nomination letter:

John Leininger was chosen for the MNIB Leadership Award because of his outstanding and longstanding advocacy for the International Baccalaureate in his school district and community. 

John has been the principal of Matoska International since their initial candidacy and authorization in 2010. His was the voice that made the case for including IB in his northeast metro suburb, and he consistently represents the IB perspective as the administrator of the sole IB program in District 624. 

As a building leader, John sincerely supports the staff in the pursuit of lifelong learning and a balance of professional and personal development and he models this in super cool international explorations that he pursues with his own family. 

He is a strong advocate for all students and diligently works to make Matoska International School a community of globally minded life long learners.

Our first Association meeting was September 28th and it was wonderful to see you all!

Thanks to Phil Evans, a long-time friend of MNIB and an IBO staff member, for coming to Minnesota and introducing the IB for all initiative he is spearheading. 

Did you attend the September meeting? You may download a copy of the CEU document here. You will be asked to 'make a copy'. Just add your own name to the document.

Here is a link Phil provided to learn more information about IB for all in the DP and CP.

MNIB membership for 2022-23 now available

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Back-to-school resources for new and experienced staff

The ATL series was published in the summer of 2022. Use this link or search IB Matters wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to our new series of podcasts featuring the 

IB Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills

In this 8-part series we are exploring the IB Approaches to Learning Skills known as the ATL’s that are at the core of all four International Baccalaureate Programmes. 

With John Harvey, we will try to give you a coherent, sustainable, values aligned strategy to implement ATL Skills in your school. We want to help you build your team of coordinators, teachers, librarians, and support staff. All ATL episodes are available now!

New IB teacher resource: IB 101 

When returning to school each year one of the most important jobs in an IB school is getting new teachers up to speed with the nature of the IB Programme(s) featured in their school. We also want to support the important relationships that IB Coordinators form with all the teachers in their building.

With that in mind we developed brief introductions in the form of self-guided tours of the basic elements of the IB and all four Programmes.

If you are a coordinator looking for a resource where your new teachers can learn the basics, send them to "Intro to the IB Programmes". They will be exposed to the common elements of all IB Programmes and then be directed to the specific Programme(s) in your school. 

They are encouraged to complete a Reflection Journal along the way and to reach out to the coordinator for more resources.

Congratulations to the most recent MNIB school 

to be authorized as an IB World School

Sejong Academy

is now an authorized MYP School!

Congratulations to their entire staff for this well-deserved accomplishment! 

We had a great time celebrating with you at your pre-school workshop on August 15th!

New Board positions for the 2021-23 terms

VP positions (CP, DP, MYP, PYP) 

      Secretary - Jennifer Poncelet - Hopkins West Junior High

Treasurer - Jon Eversoll - Park Center High School

      President - Sarah Wernimont - Anwatin Middle School

IB is making it easier to schedule online workshops that are specific to your school's needs

From the IBO.org website:

"Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in an online workshop for a high-quality learning experience and the same teaching concepts that you would explore in a face-to-face workshop. Participation in our cost-effective online workshops will also contribute to your school’s authorization or evaluation process to become an IB World School."

There are more than 400 online workshops to choose from and these are offered throughout the year. If you are not available when your choice of online workshop is scheduled, you can complete the request form linked on the website above. Schools have the option to request workshops to be delivered as part of a global cohort or exclusively to their own school. Online workshops delivered exclusively to one school have more real time interaction and therefore, resemble a virtual in-school experience. If you would like to know more about online professional development (PD) and how it works, please visit our page.

Please listen to this podcast featuring four outstanding MNIB voices of compassion and support as they share their feelings after the killing of George Floyd in our community here in Minnesota.

Anne Lalonde Laux, Chad Owen, Jenny Magdal, and Angela Wilcox speak of how they hope to help students and teachers make lasting changes in schools after the terrible events of the past weeks.

We recorded several podcasts related to online learning in response to the COVID-19 outbreak

Please contact us at IBMatters@mnibschools.org if you have something about online teaching to contribute on the podcast.

Click the icon to access these episodes. 

Looking for a past article or minutes from a past meeting? 

Go to the Web archive page.