University resources

Use the links below to access resources that may be helpful to colleges and universities interested in learning more about IB education.

This is a set of documents from subject briefs to research summaries describing the benefits of admitting and supporting IB-educated students into any universtiy.

University support

Link to the MN Private Colleges Council summary of "Who Accepts What". This is a compilation of the credit granting policies of the 17 member MPCC.

Link to MN Statute 120B.13 which describes the awarding of college credit for IB exams scoring at 4 or above

Link to MN State College system Policy 3.35.1 which requires the awarding of credit for scores of 4 or higher in IB exams

Link to a comprehensive article detailing the value of the IB Diploma curriculum and the superior Higher Ed outcomes of IB graduates - both full Diploma and Certificate students

IB 101 Presented to the MN Private Colleges Council 1.13.16

Link to editorial regarding the lack of college credit for some Minnesota IB students.

Link to research summary: Comparing various rigorous math curricula and assessment practices