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Jeremy Reichel attended Wartburg College, and later, the University of Minnesota.  Since then, he has been teaching for 15 years.  In that time, he has taught courses in Life, Earth, and Physical science, engineering, Forensics, Spanish immersion science, AVID, gifted and talented learning, and product design, in addition to serving as an instructional coach and coaching 7th/8th grade volleyball.  Mr. Reichel will debate anyone about why teaching is the most important job in the world.  In his spare time he enjoys gardening and working on home improvement projects.  He lives with his wife and daughter, one cat, and two chickens.

Personalized Learning in IB

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There are as many different definitions of personalized learning as there are ways to implement it into the classroom.  So what is it really about?  And, how do I know if it is beneficial to student learning?  This session will explore instructional practices that set the foundation for effective personalized learning including determining an essential curriculum, student voice and choice, and flexible pacing.  In addition, we will learn about how the many elements of an IB unit actually enhance the ability for teachers to personalize the learning experiences in their classrooms.  Finally, we will see how personalizing learning can play an integral role in transforming systems to be more equitable and restorative.  This session will also include work time for teachers to plan and implement their learning.

Continuum (all Programmes) - full day August, 13th

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Debbie Hahn has worked at North Middle School in Hopkins for almost 25 years. She teaches Individuals and Societies and Design, and is an Instructional Coach as well as North’s Community Project Coordinator. She enjoys grappling with the intersection of inquiry-based learning, personalization, and equity, and is excited to continue that exploration at MN IB this summer.

Concept-based inquiry is your key to equitable, humanized personalization

In this session, participants will explore the intersection of concept-based inquiry, personalization, and equity. The session will begin with grounding in the why, including research support and IB connections for conceptual inquiry and personalization as practices that support restorative and equitable learning experiences for all students. Next, the session will explore the how and provide specific practices and strategies for marrying concept-based inquiry and personalized learning. Strategies and practices include when, why, and how to create convergent and divergent learning experiences for students; how to support student-led inquiry practices; and how to integrate state standards along with IB concepts for robust learning experiences. Finally, time will be given for participants to apply their learning by creating and/or adapting IB units and assessments. Participants will be provided with templates and lesson models to use and build on.

MYP - full day August, 13th

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Sue Francis

PYP 101

The IB-PYP is an inclusive program for all students in PreK - grade 5.  Our session will focus on the essential elements of the PYP and how they promote inclusion, access, international-mindedness, differentiation, and student agency.

PYP - full day August, 13th

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Sue Francis and Morgan Stangl are PYP coordinators at Bancroft and Loring in Minneapolis. They have been teammates for three years and work collaboratively on program implementation and professional development on PYP essential elements and program standards.

Morgan Stangl

Kate Andrews van Horne plus Sharon Cormany

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MYP 101 (now full!)

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Target audience: Teachers/Admin/Counselors/Social Workers/TOSAS new to the MYP

Goals for the morning - participants will:

After lunch we will divide up with classroom teachers in one group and all others in another group

Agenda for the Teachers' group:

Agenda for the Admin/Counselors/Social Workers/TOSAS group:

MYP - full day August, 13th

Now full - Contact Jon Peterson to be put on the waitlist