Wednesday August 14 Sessions

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Robbie Brink

Dynamic, innovative creative, and bilingual teacher coach seeking to equip students with the skills to reach their full potential and readiness for college and the workforce through emerging technology and equitable, relevant, and inclusive curriculum through a relational approach.

A graduate of the University of St Thomas, with a Masters degree in Education for K-12 English as a Second Language (ESL) and Spanish. As well as a double degree for my undergrad in International Business Management and Spanish, and a minor in Justice and Peace Studies. I believe that if you love what you do you never work a day in your life and grateful that I get the opportunity to walk alongside students as an administrator, teacher, coach, and mentor daily and be a person in their lives to help them reach their greatest potential.

AI in the classroom for MYP (or any IB) educators 

Amidst the discourse surrounding AI tools, one prevailing concern often takes the spotlight: Are students overly dependent on AI, and can we differentiate between AI-generated work and authentic student efforts? Let's shift the focus. Instead of dwelling solely on the challenges AI presents, we’ll explore how AI can be a catalyst for reimagining education in this brave new world.

IB Continuum (all programmes) - full day August, 14th

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Leah Laurent and Johanna Baker-Raivo are English Language teachers who have worked together for over 10 years. They come with MYP experience in middle school and high school working with all levels of English learners in both co-taught and standalone EL classes. Currently, they both work at Roosevelt high school in Minneapolis. Leah currently teaches students with WIDA levels 1 through 3 in sheltered ELA classes. Johanna currently co-teaches in 9th and 10th grade ELA to support experienced multilingual students with WIDA levels 3 through 4. 

Using MYP Rubrics to ELevate Language in the Classroom - Cancelled - we will contact registrants (7/10) 

Due to a small number of registrants, we cancelled this session. Look for it as a stand-alone session during the school year

In this session, we will explore how WIDA and IB can work together to promote explicit language instruction in classes. We will discuss how WIDA and MYP are aligned, explore MYP rubrics from different subject areas, practice easy classroom strategies for increasing language production and work together to create rubrics and/or unit planners that promote more language in your classes. 

MYP - full day August, 14th

My name is Stewin Bernal Flick. I am from Barranquilla, Colombia. I have a Bachelor Degree in Bilingual Education, and this is my sixth year as a 5th grade classroom teacher at ISLA.  I am passionate about teaching and empowering kids through inquiry and exploration. I’ve also been working for International Baccalaureate as a workshop trainer helping other schools in their IB journeys. I have had the opportunity to work as a PLC facilitator helping teachers strengthen their Spanish immersion teaching skills and creating stronger inclusive learning experiences in their classrooms. 

Some of my interests include playing volleyball, going for walks, traveling, learning languages, and drinking coffee. The best part about traveling is getting to know new people and sharing one’s culture. A fun fact about me is that I am currently learning ASL and doing my master in educational leadership. 

Fostering Equity in IB Classrooms

This workshop is dedicated to exploring and implementing strategies that foster inclusivity and equity within an IB context.

We want to empower educators to create learning experiences through the IB principles of inclusion. Three takeaways from this workshop are understanding the principles of an inclusive environment, exploring ways to reduce or remove barriers to learning, and the use of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) as a tool to collaborate in the creation of inclusive and equitable learning experiences. 

PYP - full day August, 14th

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Kurt Carlson is an IB Lead Educator that has been involved with the IB since 2006. He currently is teaching Design and Physical Science to 8th graders at Hopkins North Middle School in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Previously he has taught 8th grade Earth Science as well as coordinated an MYP for nine years. Additionally, he has served as the President of the Minnesota Association of IB World Schools from 2017-2019 and is very active in the IB Educator Network (IBEN) that visits schools, provides workshops and consults with schools working to become IB World Schools.

Kurt's wife is also a teacher and has taught 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders over the last 26 years. His 20 year old son is a Junior at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota and his 18 year old daughter is attending Hamline University in St. Paul as well as playing soccer for them.

MYP 201: The Next Steps

For those with the basics of MYP teaching, this workshop takes you to the next level. We will explore what teaching conceptually looks like and take a deeper dive into assessment in the MYP. We will be developing rubrics, as well as incorporating ATL skills and giving feedback. 

MYP - full day August, 14th

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